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About Youth Led Prevention

Mission Statement


Youth Led Prevention is a youth driven program that promotes healthy lifestyle choices free of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs through organized effective prevention strategies.  It was created to bring together youth to assist in developing a sense of responsibility for their community, while expanding personal growth and providing an opportunity to connect with like minded peers. 




Youth Led Prevention was created to involve youth in the planning, organizing, and implementation of a prevention program by serving others, for the betterment of self and community.


Vision Statement


Akron-UMADAOP, Inc.'s Youth Led Prevention promotes the positive social norm of youth who choose to live a drug-free lifestyle.




  • Keeping Youth Led Prevention participants free of alcohol, tabacco and other drugs.

  •  Introduce and improve youth knowledge in various aspects such as the following:

    • Public Speaking

    • Program Planning

    • Community Responsibility

    • Writing

    • Cultural Competency

    • Confidence

    • Communication skills

    • Introductory Business skills

    • Political Awareness

    • Leadership skills

    • Understanding and pursuing higher education



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